How to protect your eyes from blue light

Blue light is an electromagnetic wave occurs in nature and that comes to us through the sunlight whenever we spend time outdoors. Blue light is composed of different frequencies: the more raised more increases energy. It is precisely when the frequencies are high that the blue light stimulates our eyes with an intensity that pose a nuisance to the vision health.

That the intensity of the blue light is harmful to the eyes is known for some time, so that the sunglasses, now used as a mere style accessory, were created to protect the eyes from UV rays of the sun. What you are learning about in recent years is that for the eyes is harmful blue light also present in electronic devices that we use every day for hours: television screens, smartphones, tablets, computers emit electromagnetic waves blue-violet frequency very high.

Camera photo lens and images

Camera photo lens and images

What I device makes it dangerous for the view is the simultaneous presence of three factors: intensity of the blue light emitted by the screens, close range usage, time spent in front of TV, PC and smartphone. Unlike the sunlight, the blue light of electronic devices directly affects the retina creating the basis for the development of major diseases, such as macular degeneration, giving immediate effect as dry eye, red and tired eyes, back pain and neck stiffness .

Another deleterious effect of the blue light is the difficulty to sleep: the high frequency electromagnetic wave stimulates the production of melatonin, which regulates sleep-wake cycle and stimulates reflexes removing the perception of fatigue. Not by chance to prevent sleep disturbances , widespread in the Western world, doctors recommend not to use electronic devices from at least an hour before going to sleep, and it is always for this reason that you should never let play for too long children with tablets and phones.

As you can protect the eyes from the effects of light blue? In the presence of wavelengths so high, some eye pigments create a protective film, which acts as a natural filter against light blue. You can strengthen this barrier by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially broccoli and spinach. But over the years decreases the ability of our body to absorb the useful elements to strengthen the natural filter against the blue rays, and you need to resort to external solutions, such as anti-reflective lenses with blue.

Eyeglasses with lenses enriched by a blue anti-reflection film are particularly suitable for those who studied and worked for many hours a day with computers, smartphones and other electronic devices. When Blue electromagnetic wave are affected, the lenses show a slight blue tinge that does not interfere with the perception and color sharpness, but protects the eyes from harmful blue light . It is a protection to be taken into account, considering that the issue of high-frequency radiation increases as the quality of electronic devices, and that since children’s eyes is exposed to the dangerous rays of the screens.

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