Grapes protects our eyes

It’s good, sugary, crunchy and a grape leads to another. Grapes are a tasty fruit in every imaginable color and type, does the body good because it is an antioxidant, low in fat but rich in minerals and vitamins, and also because it is good for the view.

grapes-protects-our-eyesThe grape beneficial properties for our eyes are demonstrated by an experiment conducted on rats at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, in the middle of an article published in the journal Nutrition.

The researchers divided the mice into three groups: one followed a diet of sugar, one a normal diet and a third group ate grapes freeze-dried powder in a quantity equal to the three daily meals of a person. After five weeks of observation, the researchers found that mice fed a freeze-dried grapes were the only ones to present the retina intact both in the thickness both in the activity and amount of the photoreceptors, light-sensitive cells. Importantly, the photoreceptors of the retina are directly affected by degenerative eye diseases, and their death is the first stage of blindness.

In the two groups of mice that have not eaten grapes it was found the damage of the retina and the reduction of 40% photoreceptors, condition, this, that predisposes the guinea pigs in a progressive loss of vision.

Not only carrots, therefore, also grapes protects eye health.

If you have impaired vision soon act: choose an eye doctor and book a specialist visit and repeat the check once a year or as directed by your doctor.

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