Cancer: Digital biopsy showing the cells in pixels

It’s called DEPArray new technology designed by a team of Italian researchers that will allow not only to individual cancer cells in a small sample, but also to show in the video as if they were pixels.

It is the digital biopsy, a research tool already used in laboratories for the evaluation of rare malignant cells present in liquid blood samples, and now also available for the study of cancer cells in soft and solid tissues.

The slides for microscope cytological biopsy researchThe digital methodology allows to compare the shape of the tumor cells with that of healthy cells present in the biopsy. The interesting novelty, and useful for the patient, is in the ability of digital biopsy to detect the presence of malignant cells even when present in a small sample and in a primitive stage of the disease. This means having the ability to recognize the cells responsible to develop metastases, the map his genome, act quickly to block the activation process and define a personalized cancer therapy and, therefore, adequate for the requirements of the individual person.

The technology used by DEPArray shows the cells on a screen as if they were pixels, easy to monitor and isolate to facilitate a thorough study.

Nicholas Manaresi, coordinator of the study, says:

With our technique we can disrupt the biopsy until a suspension of free cells that are passed into the system to be scanned one by one, and eliminate the background noise present when the cancer cells are few or when not all express the same mutations.”

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