Because the heat is good?

In the popular imagination, the hot water bottle is a simple and effective refreshment to stomach ache and back pain, as well as fumigations improve breathing when you have a blocked nose from a bad cold. Are some examples of classic grandmother remedies that, despite the possibility of resorting to numerous drugs and therapies, continue to be used to deal with small health disorders.

Because the heat is good? I already knew the ancient Greeks and Romans, for example, resorted to the warm spa waters and spring currents for relieving muscle pain and, at the same time, as presents a long moment of relaxation beneficial for the mind.

Beautiful caucasian woman lying with hot water bagToday we know that the heat is a good remedy for back pain, stomachache, abdominal cramps from menstrual pain, neck and joint stiffness that worsens with the cold. This is because the heat promotes vasodilation, improves blood circulation, makes oxygenate tissues and helps remove substances produced by inflammation and responsible for pain . When they are well oxygenated through vasodilation, muscle cells relax, that allow relaxation of the muscle bundles contracts and cramps. Are created, thus, the conditions to facilitate the flow of fluid present in the joints and, consequently, finds himself articular mobility and flexibility first limited by pain.

The heat can hurt

The heat is not a recommended remedy for all pains : sometimes, in fact, it is better to resort to an ice pack or cold water. This is the case of: headache, which with the heat becomes more intense because of vasodilation; hematomas, sprains and strains, colic of children for which the heat has a negative effect because it does expand the abdominal gases to worsen the disorder; very sensitive or thin skin like that of the elderly which in the heat can redden so also worrying.

In the case of chronic pain, and if you have medical conditions such as diabetes, circulatory diseases, arthritis or if you are pregnant, our advice is to avoid DIY: do not resort to either the heat or the cold, ask your doctor for personalized therapeutic indication.

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