Optimal Health Balances Wellness Dimensions

The World Health Organization is of the view that the Optimal Health condition is acquired when there is a balance in the dimensions of wellness. It does not just mean that the life is devoid of diseases and any sort of infirmity. The various dimensions include the wellness of mind, body, spirit, emotions, environment and society.

Whenever there is a condition of unconscious living, all these areas get imbalanced, thereby leading to unhealthy living conditions. Our habits could be considered as double edged swords. While they help us lead a life of discipline and routine, at the same time, we fail to realize that there are many habits that we do unconsciously and they are harmful. Aimlessly, watching the television for hours is an example of this.


The total formation of our personality is dependent on all the above mentioned dimensions and that is what we need to care about. Whenever we follow are habits without awareness of what might be their outcome, we sort of become slaves to our habits. How then can optimal health be attained. Optimal health would then be a condition in which all bonds are broken, where we are free.This freedom is about proper movement of body, proper and clear thinking, proper expression of emotions, proper connection to your essence, to the universe; in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions respectively.

Lowell Gerber MD, who is a cardiologist in Freeport, Maine, is an evangelizer of Optimal Health. He recommends to his patients the ways of life that will help them achieve a holistic approach to life, in the bid being aware and away from the probable diseases in life.

The absence of disease is not enough to attain optimal health. You have to be alert and mindful, grow a passion and have a particular purpose in life. A healthy psychological orientation helps in triggering off the start to optimal health. Knowing yourself thoroughly will enable you to make the necessary changes in your life. Mindfulness, passion and purpose will guide us through the process. When our deepest intentions are identified and allowed to surface as we strive to change, then the change is not made out of compulsion and so is long lived.

After analyzing yourself, your diet also needs to be considered to cater to the physical well being. Surprisingly, food not only affects our body, but our mood, comfort, attitude and even energy levels are affected by it. A possible suggestion for this would be to incorporate organic whole food.If you want to get a point of optimal health it is important that you are committed and totally dedicated to it. Once you decide it, strive towards it with all your mind, body and soul, and you will be guaranteed a blissful life.

Lowell Gerber MD with the help of some others is developing upon a novel medical treatment that combines the principles of cardiology, bariatric medicine and proactive preventive aging medicine, in order to reach optimal health. He claims to have 41 years of experience as a cardiologist and is now prescribing to his patients the methods of optimal living.

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