Addiction—Its Cure And Subsequent Rehabilitation In Society

Rehabilitation or rehab is the process by which an addicted or mentally ill person is brought back into normal society. Both the instances of addiction and mental illness affect every aspect of a person’s personal and professional life. They get cut off from normal society and live in a world of their own. Hence rehabilitation can be very painful both mentally and physically.

Curing drug addiction

Curing a person of any addiction is a process involving three steps of:

  • Choosing the correct rehab program: There are many aspects which need to be looked into while choosing a rehabilitation program. It needs to be chosen on the basis of the type of addiction suffered by the person. Hence
    • The type of program offered and its relevance to the patient concerned needs to be looked into,
    • The treatment offered should include therapies which deal with all types of issues and ailments faced by an addict,
    • Medicinal treatment used along with these therapies should be given by specialised doctors,
    • The treatment offered should be tailored as per the addict’s requirement and not a general one.


It is always better to opt for a facility which is situated in the lap of nature. Since nature is the best healer, choosing a wilderness rehab program can be extremely efficient and effective for the addict.

  • Detox: The detoxification program involved in any addict rehab program is perhaps the most difficult part on the same. This is because the addict craves for the addiction but has to resist it. It takes a lot of physical and mental power to come out of this stage successfully. This is also the stage when an addict experiences withdrawal symptoms like depression, cramping, nausea, trembling, fatigue etc. In some cases these withdrawal symptoms are so severe that medicinal treatments and strict supervision is also required.
  • Rehab: Once the detox stage has passed, the addict needs to undergo a process of recovery wherein
    • The reason for the addiction is addressed so that it does not serve as a ground for a relapse,
    • The addict is made to regain his physical strength with the help of several outdoor activities as generally seen in any wilderness rehab
    • The mental state of the addict is also strengthened through guided self-realisation and spiritual intervention.

Only after the successful completion of the above is an addict considered to be cured of his addiction and can be brought back into the society. The time required for this whole process varies from person to person and also is also different for different type of addictions.

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